R&R -- Zone Offense with Nail & Flank?

Discussion in 'About Offense' started by Rob Rourke, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Rob Rourke New Member

    I went recently to a seminar that featured Rick and he talked about getting layups on zones with the Nail & Flank. Does anyone have some detailed notes on how to run the system? Rick talked about how you can have a fixed nail and flank or have them rotate.

    I took some notes & understand the basics. With our season fast approaching, I would like to run it as well as possible because it looks very promising. My team currently lives and dies too much by the 3 against zone.

    Any notes or detailed explanations of principles/how the players rotate in the offense would be awesome.
  2. davetropeano New Member

    I can dig out what we ran last year for nail & flank. It was effective overall when combined with drilling logo shots and ball reversal.

    We largely ran two ways -- 5-0 with the corners setting up in the short corner (this is how Nail/Flank is described in the videos), and 4-out with a dedicated post player opposite the player in the SC.
  3. ST1 Member

    Please give video links dave!
  4. davetropeano New Member

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