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    I was recently asked if I had Notes on the R&R Offense itself. I didn't. So I set about to create "Notes" on the offense. I like notes because you can print, take notes in the margin, mark important points, carry around with you, copy & paste into practice plans, handout to players/coaches, etc. etc.
    So, here are notes on the Read & React Offense (over 200 pages & nearly 40MB .pdf):
    Enjoy. Your thoughts??
    Note: These notes assume you know the R&R and that you've watched the DVD's.
  2. Coach Latz New Member

    This is unbelievably awesome work! All of your work is awesome!! Thanks for the great resource!
  3. Thanks once again Coach!
  4. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Thanks coach!!!
  5. coach215 Member

  6. Coach Latz New Member

    Coach, do you have anything similar for the newer Zone Offense DVD?
  7. mvcbruce Active Member

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    Thanks for keepin' 'em comin'!
    You did a great job in organizing and collating materials; these are very helpful for beginning coaches like me.
    Looking forward to notes on DD, too, if possible.:)
  9. mvcbruce Active Member

    Just Posted the Dynamic Defense notes in the "About Defense" forum. I hope you find them useful.
    Yeah, helpful for rookie coaches, but I also find printouts helpful (cut & paste, notes in the margins, picture references, etc. etc) and I've been doing this for over 30 years . . . but the kids need "visuals", because most are just rookies as well.
    Good Luck
  10. dim siak New Member

    thank you Coach...
  11. coachgrd Member

    Wow. I can't imagine the time it took to put that together.

    An incredible resource.
    Many thanks mvc...
  12. mvcbruce Active Member

    Hey, Better Basketball came out with a new VoD called "Training the Decision Box".
    $15 for about 21 minutes of video. Rick simply shows another way of training the Layers.
    It certainly is worth buying and watching. Rick has 3 stages of development utilizing the decision box.
    1) "Teaching" the drills with coaching commands. ie) Pass & Cut, Pass & Cut, Post-Up, Laker Cut
    2) "Transfer" which takes the drillwork away from Coach and gives the "Decision Making" to the Players
    3) "Testing" which "tests" the players with Live Defense

    Couple of things:
    1) The Notes attached may not mean a lot without actually watching the VoD.
    2) Defense can be a controlled Shell or Live depending on your preference
    3) Rick shows a couple of "teaching progressions" in the video via "formations", "initial action", etc.
    4) Shows examples of how to get into action if original action is unsuccessful, screwed up, or a player misses a "read".
    5) Nice sequence of drills to ALSO TRAIN the DEFENSE (though it's not a priority in the VoD).
    6) Veteran coaches probably have done a version of these drills, but it's still worth watching.
    Note: I've substituted FastDraw diagrams for the actual play being shown in VoD. I hope that's OK.

    Hope these notes help.
    Good Luck
  13. coach215 Member

    Didn't find this in the "Whats New" in the VOD site. Thanks for the heads up and the notes!
  14. mvcbruce Active Member

    Notes on New VoD . . . "Post Player Quarterback -- 10 Next Best Actions to Give Your Post Player".

    Very, very well done! This really covers Post Play within the Read & React Offense and gives us some great sequences and post action.
    Again, you really need to watch the VoD to understand the "Notes". This is Rick Torbett at his best.
    Rick gives us 4 "Basic" Post actions but extends this with 6 additional "Advanced" actions.
    Middle School will benefit from the "Basic" action . . . High School will love some of the "Advanced" action, while High Level (Collegiate / AAU) teams will love some of the multiple actions by the Post and will lead you to other similar actions in different sequences. Rick tells us that this video is NOT so much about "Required" actions, but independent "Optional" actions that the Post can employ.
    This is a VoD that has been needed to complete the Read & React.

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  15. plavitch Active Member

    Thanks for the review. I was looking at that yesterday trying to decide if it was worth it or not.
  16. mvcbruce Active Member

    Here we go . . . Rick promises a lot of new stuff during March Madness. Here's the start.
    9 Situations That Increase Your Chances of Getting To the Rim

    This is a nice VoD presented by Rick Torbett.
    Coaches often Train 1-on-1 Moves & Counter Moves, but the purpose of this video is to Train players WHEN to Drive 1-on-1 to the Basket.
    Rick explains the Basic Premise of the Read & React was to "Engineer" the offense to create the "SPACE" needed to Drive to the Basket.
    Rick shows 9 scenarios to Drill with your players in order to Train them and take advantage of "Gaps" in the defense.

    Again, the notes may not be helpful if you haven't watched the VoD.
    I hope these notes are helpful--they take some time to put together . . . is there a better format you may prefer? Any suggestions?
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  17. Coach, i think these Notes are wonderful and anybody that does not use these are missing out, i always thought notes like these should accompany each DVD or VOD like an Ebook.
  18. mvcbruce Active Member

    One of the best series on Better Basketball is "Developing the Read & React Player", which is currently on the VoD portion of the site. The Read & React DVD series showed WHAT the R&R is, but "Developing the Read & React Player" shows HOW to run the offense. A great series which over the 6-8 months has delivered only 2 of the layers of the offense..

    Anyway, here are my "notes" on the series. Rick has created an incredible "Intro", along with "Layer 1: Pass & Cut" Development, but also has begun "Layer 2: Post Pass & Cut + Laker Cuts". I use these notes for Summer Camp Training, In-Season Lessons/Review, and Assistant Coach Development. Since Rick has only given us a couple of Layers, I'm sure there's more to come. A couple of things:
    a) These notes may not be helpful or understandable unless you watch the VoD --
    b) This certainly is not complete, and I'll attempt to add to it as Rick adds to the site.
    c) Personally, I believe written notes are valuable learning tools, reference guides, and I can cut & paste in practice plans. They also allow me to write notes in the margin.
    d) Rick does a tremendous job of presenting material, but also his video editors and graphic designers also make these DVDs/VoDs very viewable (I just wish the VoD had a Slo-Mo and a Fast Frwd control panel.)
    e) Remember, these are just my "notes" and not a book or manual. Someday, I'm sure Rick will tackle that media as well.

    Here's the beginning of "Developing the Read & React Player".

    I hope these notes are helpful . . . they take time to create.
    What do you think?
  19. Once again, really not much to say, notes are top notch and i love them! Helps me a ton ! Thanks coach, wish i had something to give back to you. Playing around with some play calling actions, that i will run by you when i am done testing them out in our open gyms.
  20. Coach Dennis Moderator

    mvcbruce, as always I love your notes. They compliment the VOD nicely. Thank you so much for sharing.

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