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  1. mvcbruce Active Member

    Can't wait to bring this to camp this summer. The Fantastic 4 Simplified Zone Offense.
    I apologize ahead of time for some sections that were presented as mostly video. I found it hard to capture in a .pdf format the live action of video from the floor and also some of Rick's explanations. But here is what I've got . . .


    There's a lot of great video you need to watch in order to understand these notes.
    I hope you find these notes helpful.
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  2. Thanks coach as usual great notes, i didn't even know that this was released.
  3. mvcbruce Active Member

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  4. firststep Member

    Thx coach. just caught up with this thread, your too good!
  5. Just fantastic work coach!
  6. Woody New Member

    MVC Bruce, just wanted to finally say thanks, as I have been borrowing your notes for years. they have been a very valuable resource for me.

    Have you implemented the Simple 4 Zone with a team yet? Thoughts?
  7. mvcbruce Active Member

    Yep. This summer with a very, very young Varsity girls team (maybe 4-6 Frosh) with limited experience (no middle school athletics).
    They took to the structure a little better until they learn the Reads of the R-&-R.
    I also use a "structured" FLEX Offense with R-&-R principles vs. Man-man.
    I call the "Structured" Zone Offense "FLANK" based on the Simple 4 Zone.
    I attached the Coaching "Cheat Sheets" here:

    Also, I'm glad you find the "notes" helpful. I copy/paste right into my practice plans. Easier for Asst Coaches to understand drills/concepts.
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  8. Woody New Member

    Very cool, I like the idea of using the same key words in both zone and man.

    Thanks for the cheat sheet as well.
  9. Coach Tylk New Member


    I too would like to take a moment to thank you for your notes. They have been very, very, helpful for me, my assistant coaches, and my players.

    Please know that I appreciate your time and effort.

    Coach Tylk
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  10. firststep Member

    Hey MV,
    I noticed on the index of the video in your notes there was a section on a 41 set. I have always gone to this set against a 1 3 1 or 3 2 zone, trapping or not.
    I have not purchased the video as of now but wondered if you use this set against a zone.
    On the guard to guard pass we basket cut as our post stays high. On the guard to wing pass ( I move the wings almost to the corner) Post flashes to the block and guard cuts to nail. Weakside wing plays the gaps depending on where the ball is, this is a tough cover. On post entry high, wings have freedom to cut sc or block, passing guard can cut laker cut high or stay.
    I have adapted these triditional zone sets and added RR motion over the last three years.
    Just wondering if this set is addressed in video?
  11. mvcbruce Active Member

    Both the R&R DVD and Zone DVD address the 4-out set including the high post set. However, both the R&R DVD & Zone DVD speak to the actions of the Posts & Perimeter within the Scope and Philosophy of the Offense. Neither of the DVD's really talk about patterns or actions as you describe. There is a Quick Hitters DVD and Variations DVD that go into this kind of action.
    The Zone Offense DVD is probably your best bet for looking at options available within your 41 set. This includes Pin & Skips, Triggers, Screening and Customizing actions on the perimeter and in the post.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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  12. Woody New Member

    As someone who uses a lot of 41 high and 41 short, I really like the variations DVD. I don't recall it being very heavy into specific zone actions, but lots of good triggers for posts, and good instructions for perimeter players about being aware of posts.
  13. firststep Member

    No, thx for the notes, I will purchase Zone DVD, and check it out. I like playing 5 out with two in the SC, but not when going against 1 3 1. Having the back side of the zone have to play out to the corners creates a lot of gaps at the blocks and elbows, which your notes are addressing from the DVD, Fantastic 4.
    Thx again!
  14. CoachHorton New Member

    Coach, wanted to ask if you could share the New Zone Offensive notes again. The Dropbox link is gone.

    Thank you in advance. Love your stuff.

  15. That is not going to happen as coach is not allowed to post the notes any longer.
  16. Jaren Wadsworth New Member

    mvcbruce im trying to access the r and r pdf but its saying there is an error, same with the practice plans. can you help me?
  17. coach215 Member

    I had watched the DVDs, and mvbruce's RR pdfs are handy to bring during practice. Lost those files though and the links aren't working anymore for some reason.
  18. Heath New Member

    Hello Coaches

    Does anyone have the amazing notes that were previously accessible on this site they would care to share? I used to have the notes but the flash drive I had them on quit cooperating! My email is

    Thank you in advance for anyone willing to share!

  19. Gene Flamm New Member


    I am just getting ready to implement the read and React offense with my kids. Any suggestions, thoughts, etc that you could share would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Lex New Member

    Coach, wanted to ask if you could share the New Zone Offensive notes again. The Dropbox link is gone. And mayve you have still some other great zone offense notes of other dvd's?

    My emailadress is: Thank you in advance!

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