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    hmmmm . . . I think people are making Layer 17 way too complicated. Here are a couple of quotes from Rick and the R&R Disk set.
    1) Transition is . . . "How to get from Defense and Flow into Read & React Seamlessly."
    2) Rick says, "There is no concrete rules about Transition (Primary and Secondary). It is simply a WAY to get INTO the Read & React".
    3) and a final quote (when he talks about Triggers), "A 'Trigger' is simply an action that occurs to begin a new action. For instance, Failure to get the ball into the Post is the 'Trigger' that ends a 'Primary Break' and starts a 'Secondary Break". Failure to execute the final action in the 'Secondary Break' triggers the beginning of the 'Read & React'. Reading the Player with the Ball (Pass & Cut, Dribble-At, Reverse Dribble, Power Dribble, etc.) 'Triggers' the beginning of the 'Read & React'."

    So, I interpret that to mean that ANY transition IS Layer 17: Transition Offense (no matter how simple or sophisticated). In the Read & React disk set, Rick uses an "example" of a "Random Transition into Read & React" that has everyone basket cut and fill-out to Spots. This may look different every trip down the court.

    In my most recent post above, the third line states . . . "You can transition dozens of ways, but the fact is you must transition!"
    Whether it is a "simple transition" or a more "sophisticated" transition, it is in fact Layer 17: Transition Offense. My contention is, why not teach that "Transition" phase after each Layer you introduce. That way, you've got your half-court R&R teaching, then discover your best 'Trigger' from your Transition into R&R by teaching Transition Offense ASAP.

    More importantly, kids love to play Full-Court. Why not break-up the monotony of Half-Court "teaching" with Full-Court "Fun"!
    Just thoughts . . .
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    Our transition was pretty simple.

    4 player take it out. PG get open for the outlet. 5 player run to the rim. 2 and 3 run the lanes. If PG made a pass ahead to the wing before she crossed half court then she would follow the ball and fill the ball side top slot in the 4 out 1 in (assuming the wing didn't do anything with the ball). If her pass was after half court, she would cut like normal and we would be in our offense. If she didn't pass, then she might attack the lane or dribble-at or pass to the trailing 4 or whatever. It didn't matter, we were in our offense no matter what. As long as our PG did what she was supposed to do, every one else followed.
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    I was hoping to see some coaches practice plans from last season.
    Here are the first 9 practice plans from "hoops college " website:

    I've also condensed "hoops" practice into a .pdf for you to open here and save:
    Note: I'm presenting this file here without permission, so visit his site. It has been referenced in a different blog already!

    Show your stuff guys/gals . . . you probably have saved your practice plans electronically anyways. Simply Post here.
    Let us know whether you're teaching R&R for: a) first time, b) relative beginners, c) a veteran group, d) advanced group, etc.
    Also, What level these plans are for: a) Middle School, b) High School, c) College, d) AAU, etc.

    CoachDAP . . . I would like to see yours.

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    I've attached a progression plan from which you can build practice plans from. The sheet is not mind and was done back when R&R was 20-layers but its a good start for coaches who are looking to build from scratch.

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    Hey all. I'm going into my 2nd full season of coaching the R&R and my first season while being a member of the site. I am working hard this week to prepare my practice plans and will post them up as time gets closer! Would love feedback when I get them up! Would also love to see anyone else's plans that you may have. The new RRevolution has brought a whole new excitement and mindset that I'm excited to share and explore.
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    Nice share!
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    We are going to be using Read and React for the first time this year. These practice plans are going to very helpful! Thanks!

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