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Discussion in 'Video Sharing' started by CoachClow, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. CoachClow Member

    Here's some footage of us playing last weekend. 13/14yr old boys
    This came on the heels of us focusing on 'spacing' and 'patience' on offense in two practice sessions.
    We played this same team in one of my previous video posts. The first game we won by 3, this time we won by 18.
  2. Tom7 Administrator

    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to comment on this; I'm still pretty sick. When I'm up, I have so much to get done... then I'm down again.

    You can see that they are remarkably patient for their age. I didn't chart the quarter so I don't know, but you guys seemed to have more passes per possession than the Lakers.

    The Lakers have some players too, don't they? I like your defense. These guys are really playing together as a team.
  3. CoachClow Member

    No trouble. I appreciate the feedback but my no means do I expect it.
    This was our most patient game and it came on the heels of a 'patience and spacing' talk in practice.
    The Lakers do have some players, unfortunately for them they are same players they had at the start of the year. What I mean is we knew who we had to contain to put this team down, the supporting cast didn't provide a surprise.

    Snow has cancelled our last two games so this is actually the last game we have played. It will be three weeks and 6 practices since we last played when we take the court this Sunday for a must win quarterfinal.
  4. ST1 Member

    Seems both teams are playing pass and cut..
    a few times i notice your guys instantly pass and cut the moment they receive the ball. the need to get into triple threat and maybe hit the cutter. this will slow the game down and allow time for players who are being over played to make the cut/read line cut.
    your team plays better with a slow tempo.
    Your point guard needs to learn how to use his weak hand, even if he isn't good with it he should create the illusion he can use it.
    In your practice's you must JAM the cutters, it would highly irritate a pass and cut team if they were unable to cut..
    *you can also anticipate how a pass and cut team play. if they dont know how to read line cut or how to use back screens for players who are being guarded tight the read and react game style could lead to there demise. (Play denial /hand in the passing lane defense.)
    i see you have the dribble at drilled well
  5. Tom7 Administrator

    Nice stuff, ST1. Usually I want more and quicker pass and cut, but changing the pace is probably a good idea... sometimes fast, sometimes slower.

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