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Discussion in 'About Defense' started by firststep, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. firststep Member

    Coaches, was wondering how you use RR in your shell drill. I have started to incorporate pass and cut to teach jumping to the ball and jambing the middle ball side cut. I add dribble drive and bounce out followed by 1 pass and cut and than back to dribble drive to start defending the drive and keep the RR motion going for the drill.
    I also teach the basic down screen and screen away motion as a practice offense to teach defending the screening action.
    I have been assisting last few years so I only had limited time with this. Our Varsity coach decided to get away from RR for a more traditional continuity motion offense so i decided to coach another level so i could stay with RR and swarm on the defensive side.
    Anything you have done on your shell drills that will help in development will be appreciated.
  2. CoachDAP Member

    I think the shell drill is a great way to reinforce RR concepts and teach defensive concepts. I think you're on the right track by predicating the first few actions. I have started with a baseline drive to force help and recover. This also teaches your offensive players to make good reads on the pass. Most people consider shell 4 out. Many times post defense gets over looked. I think playing 3 out 1 in is a great way to teach defensive principles in a similar way to the traditional 4 out shell drill. Of course you're still reinforcing offensive concepts with your post play and at the same time teaching defense.
  3. firststep Member

    Thx coach for the input. I will incorporate the baseline drive in our shell drill and let the pitch pass go through to keep actions going. I normally use 5 players in my shell drill only to keep teaching spacing, both offensively and defensively. I feel that a 4 out set is the hardest set to defend, and when you add a high post on a baseline drive it forces a tough defensive rotation for weak side defenders, as well as rotation back to the pitch pass or post slide pass.
    thx again!
  4. CoachDAP Member

    You can let the baseline pitch pass go and play from there or you can let the offense make the read on who is open. I think it's important to make practice harder than the game. Working on defense with fewer players on the court makes it more difficult to defend. Working on offense with more players on the court makes it harder to score. I think both are good. I think it all depends on what you're trying to improve on.
  5. firststep Member

    Hopefully we will do both, depends on development of the offense. This year we are doubling all drives, so all passes off the N/S drive need to be worked out defensively. I agree on making practice harder than the game. I play alot of 5 on 3 to help the offense score and defense to rotate. These rotation will be the cornerstone of our defense hopefully.
  6. Woody New Member

    With respect to player development, something that I am trying to do right now in our shell drills is have the offense and defense be accountable to one another, giving reminders and checks.

    We usually start with static offense, so the offensive players are responsible for making sure that the defensive counterpart has a good closeout, and is in the bubble when guarding the ball. Also giving reminders for defense to talk.

    Once we add cuts from the offense, the big reminder for defense to give to offense at this point is "fill wide" or "read" if the offensive player is running along the 3 pt. line. The main reminder from offense to defense is "split" meaning to release the cutter to the weakside once you hit the half way point ( which we call split line).

    So far it is keeping both sides engaged, which has been a struggle for me in years past, keeping the "dummy" defense or offense alert.
  7. firststep Member

    Thx Woody, I like that, Let the players teach and communicate more!

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