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    Hi All

    I don't get to see many NBA games but it seems the SPURS use many R&R habits.
    At first glance you see some habits. then you see how they very well could of modified it to suit there personal beyond what most coaches that run the R&R would. (That would make it harder to teach and take away from the fluidity of the R&R that we know)

    Any Thoughts and comments?

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    I'm surprised that this thread has had no replies, Surely we should be excited that one of the biggest basketball franchises in the world is endorsing our style of basketball.

    I recently watched the Spurs vs the Knicks.... and let me give you a account of what i saw



    This is 95% of the Offensive footage from that night. Every possession R&R habits are present. So this is NO coincidence. This is their OFFENSE. The only generic habit is the Ball Scree/Pick and Roll.

    At first glance of the footage you would think they are NOT running the R&R but after a closer look you will see the things that are NOT traditional R&R is a actually part of their offensive system, its defiantly not by chance that the players are playing like this.

    Try think of it this way, Their offense (their version of R&R) has been optimised for their personal. When you watch the 2nd half of the game, where they are using the majority bench players. This is when there game most RESEMBLED the R&R that we are a custom to.

    The Spurs Play the 4 out 1 in the Majority of the time, however i have specified the formation in each possession when it is abundantly clear they have running a specific set.

    Let’s look at the Modified Offense: The easiest way to understand that is that Certain Players have Specific rolls.

    Player’s Personal traits:
    Parker & Mills: will Always do Traditional R&R Pass and Cuts
    Belinelli: When he feeds the post he favours the pass and Relocate even when there is no space for him, when he gets overplayed he does Read Line cut. The Laker cut is his second option and happens less often.
    Ginobeli: is well rehearsed in the Drive and Kick (Besides shooting open jumpers the drive and kick is majority of his offensive contribution) Parker Mills Belinelli and Green are also proficient in the drive and kick.
    Greens: spacing is good he is always finding a open shooter on the 3 or he is the open shooter on the 3. He always covers the safety valve position. In his pass and cut game he constantly changes between the either laker cut & relocates option.

    In the Post They like to have the Post starts on the weak side(DDM), and he only plays one side of the court per possession.
    Duncan : If he is ball side ONLY he will set a ball screen and run the pick and roll or he will sit in the post and wait for the ball. When he is on the Perimeter he will pass and go down screen.
    Diaw: If he is on the perimeter next to a player who has the ball he will “Screen away” and get another player to fill his spot. Basically he is doing a Layer 14 without having made the pass.
    Diaw: If he is on the perimeter and does do the Initial pass he will 99% of the time goes to set a Down Screen for the player in the post.
    Diaw: Does the Power Dribble hand off MANY times
    Splinter: Subs on for Duncan and takes over his Responsibilities. BALL Screen almost every possession. When he does have the ball on the perimeter he uses the power dribbles/hands off
    Leonard: When he comes on he always passes and down screens.
    Ayres: Power Dribble handoff

    Jospeh and De Colo both , do the layer 1 and 2 pass and cuts.

    So what we can see is they are Defiantly using R&R actions and these players are NOT free to do whatever they want, Thus they are all on the same page thus Reducing turnovers......
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    This is my commentary for the game (Above youtube links)
    The Space between each line of text/paragraph represents a possession.

    Duncan Sets ball screen (Layer 12)
    the 4 out 1 in (FORMATION)
    See how Duncan stays on the weakside, this allows the PG to run the plays (Strategy)
    Parker wants the baseline drive, .Dribble At instruction sends Belinelli to the other side (No help on the baseline drive. (Layer 3)
    When dribble Penetration happens Circle Movement/Move up Spots Happens and they get off a open 3 (Layer 4)

    4 out 1 in
    When a big who is on the perimeter (Typicially the PF) Passes he does NOT basket cut her rather pass & cuts & set a down screen,(Layer 1 Modified) he does not pass and cut (Maybe he isnt fast enuff) Sometimes its Diaw sometimes its Duncan
    when Belinelliipasses to a Post he "Relocates" (Layer 12)
    Duncan’s screen is used togo baseline (Layer 9)

    Belinelli feeds to post's and "Laker Cuts Low" (Layer 2)
    if he doesnt get the ball he takes his defender with him
    Paker also cuts and takes his defender with him Readline /Draught drive (Layer 1)
    Now Duncan has a One on one

    parker feeds duncan, "Laker cut high" (Layer 2)
    Since the other big is in the short corner he uses him as a screen (Layer 9)
    Eventually Green fills up parkers spot (Layer 4)
    Then when Duncan goes deep, Green fills the SAFETY Valve Position (Layer 4)
    Green Feeds post and Relocates (Layer 13)

    They are running the shot clock down till the get there best scoring opportunity

    Parker drive and kick.(Layer 4) Notice Leonard has been there the entire time, hes position is fixed (Layer 4) If Knicks #21 didnt help it would have been a open layup.

    4 out 1 in
    If a Big is next to the guard he will often go set a down screen (uninitiated Layer 14 )
    He won’t set a ball screen if there is a Post in the lane the same side as the ball
    When Duncan is on the ball side the BALL SCREEN is primarily his Job. (Layer 12)
    When Diaw feeds to post despite him being a big he STILL Laker cuts.(Layer 2)
    The worst thing he can do is DO NOTHING and let his defender play help. If he’s defender does play help at least he won’t be the big guy stuck on the 3 point line.
    Ginobili and Leonard are both open on the Perimeter despite them being in Fixed Positions. This is the Momentum of the offence out ways the Defensive rotations. (Layer 4)

    3 out 2 in
    duncan ball screen (Layer 12)
    · When parker put the ball down (Layer 4) notice the other POST does what is called a POST SLIDE (Layer 5)
    When the ball is reversed Diaw goes back into the 4 out 1 in formation (Layer 8)
    Genobili drives and kicks (Layer 4) .Big next to the point guard has gone to set a down screen (uninitiated Layer 14 )

    Parker is running off a double screen(Layer 11) as soon as he has the ball they back in a 4 Out 1 in,
    When Parker put the ball down on the right (Layer 4 ) the Post does the correct post slide. (Layer 5)

    Listen to the commentator, Perpetual Motion
    Parker (Layer 1) does not get the ball back and goes to the PREDETRIMED open spot, NOT the spot of his choice or the CLOSEST one to the ball.
    ** When you watch your players Cut notice that the ball hogs all cut and just "Happen to land NEXT to the Ball."
    This Offense is often describe as a "Equalopportunity offense" All defenders need to be defended Honestly, Watch Number Belinelli do a "READ Line Cut" (Layer 1)

    4 out 1 in.
    When Belinelli gets the ball immediately he knows there is no help on his left side because of how DEEP number 4 is in the corner
    As important Communication is on DEFENCE, Spacing is on OFFENSE.

    4 out 1 in
    Green passes and cuts(Layer 1), doesn’t get the ball back Fills up to the open spot
    Parker Feeds the Post and cuts and gets the ball back. (Layer 2) --
    We need to put Pressure on the rim EVERYPASS, if they don’t defend us honestly. Open layup. Just because we run the pass and cut doesn’t mean we have to hit the cutter every time.
    Notice when Parker has he back turned to the hoop he is a POST player and there MUST be a corresponding Laker cut. (Layer 2) Pity he was fouled, would of looked good.

    3 out 2 in
    Belinelli feeds post and relocate (Layer 13)

    Parker running off multiple screens (Layer 11)
    Very easy when run out of the 3 out 2 in
    Post feed (Layer 2)

    3 out 2 in
    Diaw does a power dribble / hand off (Layer 15)
    Allows the players to run a pic and roll and at the same time gets the ball out of a big hands on the perimeter

    Notice when the dribble penetration(Layer 4) happens duncan/ the post are only in 2 positions the short corner or the free throw extended (Layer 5)

    4 out 1 in high post
    watch the rotation

    Ginobili drive and kick (Layer 4)

    Parker No matter where he passes from its always a Pass and cut (Layer 1)
    Diaw again power dribble hand off (Layer 15)

    4 out 1 in, Centre sets the ball screens (Layer 12)
    Splitter Pics and roles EVERYTIME

    4 out 1 in, Splitter ball screens {This is infact a SPRINT BALL SCREEN} (Layer 12)
    Splinter Pics and roles EVERYTIME
    When Splinter roles Green knows he needs to cover the safety valve position (Layer 4)

    Parker feeds the post and cuts,(Layer 2) Does not get the ball, the Rotation gets balanced (Layer 1)

    Mills feeds the post and cuts (Layer 2)
    Ginobili (Layer 4 )drives and kicks to Green who is fixed (are they going to let Ginobeli do that all day?

    4 out 1 in
    Leonard passes and screens down (Layer 1 modified)
    #Belinelli passes and relocates (Layer 1 Modified)
    #Ayres does a power dribble hand off (Layer 15)

    4 out 1 in
    Belinelli passes and relocates (Layer 1 modified)
    Green passes to the post and cuts He could go Laker high or low or relocate or x cut.. (Layer 2 + 13)

    Duncan pick and roll((Layer 12). Stops at elbow.Pass&cuts (Takes his defence with) (Layer 1)
    Danny green, dribble drive. (Layer 4)

    4 out 1 in, (Formations)
    Parker passes to Duncan and Laker cuts low,(Layer 2) BASELINE DRIVE PASS(Layer 6)
    Belinelli drives and kicks(Layer 4). Watch green start relocating when Belinelli dribbles over the 3 point line. (Layer 4)
    Listen to commentator compliment there spacing

    Duncan Pass and cut.(Layer 1) Parker drive and kick(Layer 4), Belinelli drive and kick(Layer 4)

    commentator talks about their spacing

    Parker passes and cuts,(Layer 1) uses post as a screen(Layer 9), gets ball back baseline drive and kick (Layer 6)

    Green passes and cuts(Layer 1) sets pick for the low post to go high.

    Belinelli will pass and cut(Layer 1) and go downscreen(Layer 1 Modified). When Duncan gets the ball he will do a power dribble(layer 15)

    Diaw will post pass(Layer 2), Green will pass and cut. (Layer 1)

    Diaw Power dribble hand off(Layer 15), Ginobili Drive and kick, (Layer 4)

    Knicks drive and kick but Carmelo is on the wrong spot. (San Antonio did not get this wrong ONCE)

    Parker Passes and Laker cuts(Layer 2), Duncan power dribble(Layer 15) position passes to Ginobili

    Splitter Power Dribble /Hand off (Layer 15), Parker Drive and kick. (Layer 4)

    Splitter Pic and roll (Layer 12)

    Mills pass and cut (Layer 1)

    Mills Pass and cut(Layer 1 Modified-Down Screen) Leonard Power dribble hand off (Layer 15), Ginobili Drives and kicks (Layer 4). Look @Belinelli and Mills's Rotation.

    4 out 1 in, Pick and roll. (Layer 12)
    Mills pass and cut (Layer 1), Ginobili fills up(Layer 4), Splitter pass and cuts (Layer 1)

    Spliter pass and cut(Layer 1). but watch MILLS set a screen for Leonard. When there constant pressure on the rim they can’t keep track of all the threats.

    De Colo will post pass to Ayres and Laker low(layer 2). and will make the Skip Pass to Mills. (Layer 7) After the rebound watch the post passing(layer 2) and the Sprint ball screen (12 Ball Screen)

    Mills will pass and cut(Layer 1) since he is on thestrong side the post will screen for him(Post Screens), on the week side Belinelli was supposed to set the 2nd screen.(11 Multiple screens) Belinelli fills the open spot and passes to Ayres in the post relocates for the 3(13 Post pas and cut), dishes to Mills

    Mills passes to the posts and Laker cuts low..(Layer 2)

    Ayres will power dribble hand(Layer 15) off to Mills, Mills will post feed Ayres and Laker cut. Open layup. (Layer 2)

    Mills will feed post and cut,(Layer 2) De Colo Will Read line cut/DRAUGHT (Layer 1)

    Ayres Power dribble Hand off(Layer 15),#Joseph Drive and kick (Layer 4)

    Joseph Feeds post and Laker cuts(layer 2) # Mills #De Colo # Joseph fill their spots.(Layer 4)

    Joseph pass and cuts(Layer 1). #Baynes sets a crap screen, #Joseph should of finished his cut, but later sets his man for a read line cut,(Layer 1) #De Colo pass and relocates.(Layer 13)

    Mills fees the post and cuts, (Layer 1)

    Joseph will post feed and Laker cut (Layer 2)

    Game Over
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  4. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Interesting, the footage and the notes really are good. I saw some good examples of laker cuts which I will store so I can show them later.
  5. coach215 Member

    Others may dispute the notion that the Spurs is running a modified RR offense, but all could see that the HABITS which are taught/learned in LAYERS in the RR offensive system are executed in this game footage by no less than the Spurs. Great thanks for the video post and the notes!!
  6. coach215 Member

    At first glance, it doesn't look like RR offense. But when viewed from the lens of "role assignments", I'm amazed at what RR looks like at the NBA level. Again, thanks for sharing!
  7. firststep Member

    Every NBA team runs RR layers. RR is just a basic motion offense broken down in layers to help players/ coaches play motion basketball at the youth level. Basketball players carry these principals with them as they progress to higher levels of play. I believe most NBA coaches design their motion offenses off their players talents and abilities. Having a talent like Parker where you could drive into your motion offense at will, forcing the defense to help is going to have RR layers involved. So yes its RR and No its not RR. LOL
  8. ST1 Member

    Agreed & Agreed, I should have replied sooner. Many teams do run motion maybe the spurs more than others that's why they stand out..

    San Antonio Spurs do NOT run the "Read & React Offense by Rick Torbett"
    However, If your players are saturated in the R&R it would be very easy to run the San Antonio Spurs Offense offense " or like that of the San Antonio Spurs.

    Now lets look at this statement "NBA coaches design their motion offenses off their players talents and abilities. " TRUE.
    Thus they have surpassed running layers just for the sake of running them. So this is some next level stuff and coaches could look at this as what the future of there offense could look like. Personally i will say the spurs offense is the upper echelon of the Read & React :p to market the read & react.

    At-least i now have some sort of answer now when i get asked the question " Do any PRO teams run the Read and React?"
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    That is one reason I fell in love with the R&R. The habits of the R&R are found within any offense. As a middle school coach I can teach my team the R&R and build their fundamentals that will allow them to succeed at the high school.
  10. ST1 Member

    R&R habits are predominantly found in teams that run some sort of motion offense. The Ball Screen/Pick and Roll and the Power Dribble hand off do occur in most offenses as its pretty generic moves. The reason i mention this is that i WATCH SO MUCH BASKETBALL and anxiously wait any teams to use any types of R&R principals but the majority don't. When i watch pickups games/streetball 4 on 4 half court or full court i see ZERO R&R. Then i think to myself how do these guys not even have ANY R&R in there arsenal. Surely you would want as many tools in your toolbox as possible. They also refuse to acknowledge that there is ANOTHER way to play basketball, I say nothing and let them try there forced layups and taking very contested shots.... When these ballers play against less skilled player who play team defense the less skilled players usual triumph.
  11. mekal New Member

    Which Layers/Principles are the Spurs utilizing from R&R? Which principals are they utilizing that are not part of the R&R? (Pass and Screen Away, Pass and Stand, ETC).

    If we were to create check lists of principles that the Spurs are utilizing. One list would have R&R principles and the other would have OTHER principles. Which check list would have more checks? If R&R has more checks. Does that mean the Spurs are running the R&R? Probably not, but if I wanted to find out if I liked the R&R offense. Would I watch the Spurs? Probably.

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