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    Hey all

    Hope all is well and we can have some fun with this topic.

    Who has SCOUTED their Opposition? And was it helpful in the BIG GAME?
    I have the luxury of seeing their televised games (Our Division is NOT televised) but we have them schedule for first game of the national tournament (and they are tournament favorites .......)
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    There are tons of different philosophies on scouting. I don't think any of them are necessarily right or wrong. It's what you believe in and what you can make work with your team. I think scouting is important for the coaching staff in all situations. It's helpful to know their sets. It's helpful to know their players and tendencies as a team. But I don't know that the team needs to know everything. I think it's helpful for the players to know which players like to shoot or drive. It's helpful to know if a player always likes to go in one direction, whether it's in the post or on the perimeter. It's helpful to know a team's style of play, but I don't think they need to know their plays.

    Having a plan going into a game is critical, but I think the plan has to be simple and concise. If they aren't used to having a scouting report, then I would tend to make it even more minimal. The last thing I want my team focusing on is the opponent. I think it depends on the mental strength of your team. Give them as much information as they can handle without them being overwhelmed or slowed down by it. Basketball is a game of quick reactions and transition from one thing to the next.

    If they are going to stress out about what the scouting report says then they may not be able to play the game as freely as they normally would.

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