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    Hello guys, thought I'd pop by and let you know how my season went running R & R.

    This was my first year back coach after having taken off last year to re-charge batteries. (I'd squeezed 30+ seasons into about 20 years by coaching our middle school girls in the fall and then our middle school boys in the winter. I needed a break last year!)

    So our 7th grade boys job opened up and I got the job. This district where I teach and coach lacks a basketball culture...wrestling is king. (Wish there was one of those cool vomitting smiley's to insert here.) The boys I get lack fundamentals, but that's a story for another day.

    I sincerely enjoyed teaching and running R & R. We mainly focused on Pass & Cut and just flat out attacking the basket. Other than calling out "10" when needed (my way of letting the boys know we needed to make at least 10 passes/cuts to take time off clock), I never called a play.

    The good:
    -We took a ton of shots.
    -We got to the foul line 20+ times every game.
    -The boys learned how to create a shot for a teammate by attacking gaps in the defense and passing to teammate who helper left.
    -We never needed anything more than pass/cut to break a press.
    -I never got sense that opponents knew what we were doing.
    -I think the boys took steps forward in learning how to play basketball rather than a pattern.
    -I don't think we turned the ball over any more than if we'd tried to run sets.

    The bad:
    -Sometimes the boys had a hard time distinguishing a good shot from a bad.
    -The middle would often be come clogged. (Ran R &R from a 5 out.)
    -Boy's cuts got less aggressive as season worn down. Teams started to sag so getting someone open backdoor become more difficult.

    I learned some things I will teach differently next year. We ended up 9-12. We got out of the gate at 4-1 and then moved our PG up the 8th grade team. I suspect we would have faired better with this PG on my team until the end.

    So, next year I start over again with a new crop of 7th graders. Looking forward to teaching them how to play the game too.
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    That sounds like an excellent experience for both you and your players! I'm sure you know this, but that shot selection issue is very difficult at the level you and I coach. You want good shots but if you get on them too much about taking bad shots then they won't shoot at all. (Girls for sure. I'm less certain about boys.)

    I am curious about what you learned that you intend to do differently next year. Major changes, minor tweaks, and why you think a change is better.
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    Plavitch...In answer to your question, I just need to do a better job of stressing the importance of getting out of the lane if you don't get the ball, and making hard cuts. I also intend to add this tweak to our 5-out: Teach exiting cutters to reverse pivot once they end their cut and stay facing the ball at all times even on the weak side of the floor. (I saw that last one on the x's and o's board.)
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