Selecting A High School Sports Team Captain

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    Have you ever considered having your players apply to be captains? Being a captain is a position of leadership and extra responsibility. Some players want to be in that position. Others don't want that pressure, even when they might be the "best person for the job." And aren't we teaching them about life? Have you considered writing a job description for what you expect from your captains and then having people apply? You may say there are two or three openings. Then based on who submits an application, you would interview them, just like they would for any other job. You might even have the rest of the team interview the candidates, even though I think that could be a little tricky depending on the age. Then you choose the person or persons who will be your captains.

    I also think it's important to think about not having captains. If no one is fit for the job, then you might consider not having any captains at all. In that situation, maybe you name captains after the first month of practice if someone earns it. You could send a pretty powerful message by having people go through the process and then saying, "None of you meet the qualifications right now. Who wants it?" Just a few thoughts.
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    Coach DAP...I really like your idea, thanks for sharing.
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    Same Coach DAP. Great idea.
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    Hi Coaches,

    Leadership in sport is a really interesting topic and selecting a Captain can be challenging in some circumstances.

    I think having players go through a more formal process and can be great in setting expectations and underlining accountability.

    Of course you need to know what you are looking for and what characteristics of a leader are desired.


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