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Discussion in 'Announcements and FAQs' started by Tom7, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Tom7 Administrator

    Basketballogy Forums were migrated to a newer server with more resources last night. Of course this was supposed to improve performance, but some of us have been experiencing extraordinarily long wait times since the migration. I have contacted the firm who did this for us and hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for your patience.
  2. mvcbruce Active Member

    Tom7, the site is still a bit slow . . . and a bit frustrating.
    Any more news on fixing the server migration turtle?
  3. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I have to agree with mvcbruce, sometimes it is fast, and at times it is slow.

  4. Tom7 Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I've passed it on to my web host. BTW, sorry I've not been around for awhile; I'm dog sick. Hopefully I'll get better soon and get caught up.
  5. vb2721 New Member

    still happening today where its awfully slow and just times out. Give the server migration team heck Tom! : )

    but would like to see the website stabilized again, luv this website
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  6. Tom7 Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback; I have been in contact with the host and hopefully they have it worked out. Again.
  7. CoachClow Member

    Much better performance for me today.
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  8. Tom7 Administrator

    I am so sorry for the recent outages; again, our web host has just really dropped the ball. I am researching a new home for the forums.

    By the way, if ever you come here and find it not going, rest assured it is due to technical difficulties and that I would never just shut this down -- especially with no notice.

    On the bright side, all that down time seems to have frustrated the spammers. ;)
  9. Tom7 Administrator

    The forums are on their 3rd server since 2013 and as you can see, I am still having problems at times. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I have used this host since April 2007 on other projects and have never had the problems I have had since late January, which is why I have been slow to accept these glitches as the new normal.

    However, I am reluctantly concluding that my web hosting service won't be getting its act together again, so I am researching and thoroughly vetting potential new web hosts. Hopefully we will have a permanent fix in place soon.

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