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Discussion in 'Player Development' started by Tom7, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Here is a similar product also for sale on Amazon. I couldn't use this because my right hand has had reconstructive surgery and I cannot have my pinky finger out there like that, but this has some brand name players like JJ Redick, Sue Bird and Stephen Curry endorsing it.

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    Court grip is great stuff. Especially when you go and play at gyms that are poorly maintained and the court has a slippery surface.
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    We have been trying to find some court grip here in Canada, and one of my parents even looked at Dick's in Maine, but no luck. Any suggestions as to where I can order some online and have it shipped here.
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    Edit: nevermind they only ship court grip to continental US. I could order it for you and then ship it to you if you wanted me to. I don't know how much shipping to Canada is but if you want me to do that we can work something out.
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    I'll look into ordering from Amazon. Thanks
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    Coach McLellan my experience with this product is it works for a minute or so and then wears out very quickly...
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    I was at a tournament 2 weeks ago, and they had a pad, you stood on, same as NBA - I forget the name of the product but you could purchase it, and refills and the kids loved it. Any help remembering the name would be great.
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    Slipp nott
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