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Discussion in 'About Offense' started by Coach Latz, May 22, 2015.

  1. Coach Latz New Member

    I'm looking to modify/put together a special situations chart for end of game situations to have on the bench with our play calls and diagrams for each situation. Does anyone have anything like this or a format or diagram they would be willing to share? Just might make it easier not reinventing the wheel.

  2. mvcbruce Active Member

    I have two documents I use.

    1) Prior to season I read this first one as a reminder of things I need to cover and include in practice plan thru the season. This isn't mine, as I got this from a website a few years ago. It was a good "food for thought".

    2) My Assistants and I carry a "Practice Guide" with us at practice/games. A small (5"x7") booklet that started as a 50 page book 20 years ago and has grown to 160 pages this past season. It diagrams drills, routines, strategy, etc. So, on my daily practice plan might say. . . "Strategy Session 3 - pg. 136". Instead of me detailing stuff in a practice plan, I simply refer to our guide book w/page number for quicker reference.

    My lead assistant is the one who runs much of this "strategy" stuff, because in a game they can look-up a strategy and read as a reminder and better prepared to diagram the play or situation. We will practice this scenario early in season which could occur anytime during a season. You'd be surprised how efficient and well done your assistant can be at this. Whether it's simply "chirping" in my ear a strategy on the run, or actually running/diagramming a strategy for a last second play, this comes in handy. In 24 games last season, probably used this 6-8 times.

    Hope this helps you create a guide for practice/games. Can't wait to see others.
  3. Coach DDay New Member

    Coach Latz:

    This is a great question! I have a chart that I used years ago and have just gotten away from having it with me. Your question made me go looking for my old chart and I found it. Now the plays on the chart will have no use to you, but maybe the organizational aspect of the chart will help you get started. I think I will redo my own chart and tape it on the back of my dry erase board, a perfect place for it.

    The chart is attached...hope it helps somewhat. PB on the chart stands for PressBreak

    Coach Day

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  4. Coach Latz New Member

    YES that is exactly the kind of chart or format I was looking for. Thanks!
  5. Marauder hoops New Member

    What are your "go to" sets in special situations? Anyone care to share? What would you play calls be late in game situations in the half court or in BLOB or SLOB situations?
  6. Coach DDay New Member

    I feel that your "GOTO" sets would vary from year to year based on your personnel. I feel you also need to have an understanding of what the opponents will do to you in various late game situations.

    I do like to run sets that will work vs Man or Zone in late game situations because you are never sure what type of defense a coach may use after a timeout. But I think you have to tailor your sets to get your best scorer the ball with an option to kick to a shooter. I also feel its a good idea to have great rebound coverage spots on all of your sets because its always the second shot that gets you beat!

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