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    Went to this game yesterday and saw quite a bit of r and r. Some had slight variations of course but Stanford was pretty much 4 out and was well executed. If you ever get a chance and can muster up the courage to watch girls basketball haha, stanford is a good team to watch (they are number 1 in nation). I think they play conneticut after Christmas and Tennessee plays south Carolina early January
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    Stanford? Thanks for the heads up; I'll be watching for them. I like basketball period -- guys and girls. About the only "basketball" I can't stand is the And 1 leagues of showboats that don't play by rules.
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    Yea they put All American Chiney Ogwumike in the middle of there 4 out and it is quite effective.
  4. coachmike Moderator

    It's more of a combination of triangle offense and read and react...if that makes sense.
  5. Tom7 Administrator

    Well, that might explain why on the Stanford All-Access Women's Basketball Practice DVD talks about "All-Access into the transition offense and triangle offense that has made Stanford so successful." She's the USA Olympics women's coach (gold medal)... I would consider this DVD set regardless.
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  7. Tom7 Administrator

    Read the PDF. I like these statements in particular:

    "We run a modified version of the triangle offense. We took the main principles and modified them to fit our team. The main thing we did was make it an EASY offense to teach and learn." (Emphasis added.)

    "When we are practicing we are working on both our offense and our defense at the same time as opposed to practicing "set plays" where the defense can "cheat" because they know the play."

    "The offense is good to run against BOTH player to player and zone defenses."

    "The triangle is a flexible offense in that it allows us to 'tweak' it depending on the personnel on our team. It can be 4 around 1, or a 3 around 2."

    "You MUST teach and drill the fundamentals. Just telling your team where to go and what options are available will not be enough."

    "Spacing is the first and most important key to running the triangle."
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    "If you ever get a chance and can muster up the courage to watch girls basketball haha...."

    This was a painful comment to read from a contributor here. We may not play above the rim, but our best teams play really great fundamental basketball. And, I'm thinking you wouldn't refer to the Stanford and Tennessee men's teams as "boys teams"? Am I right? They are the Stanford and Tennessee women's teams. If you admire good coaches, I'm pretty sure Coach Vanderveer and the recently retired Coach Summit have earned your respect.
    I thoroughly enjoy this website and forum...and I'm not going to be the PC Police, but let's remember how much time, effort, love, sweat and tears both boys and girls, men and women put into this great sport:) It's taken me all over this country and all over the world as a player and a coach.
    Thanks for sponsoring such a great forum! I have learned some great insight about RRO and how I might tweak it to better fit my teams!
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    Thank you, ACS, for the tactful reminder. I am very glad you spoke up because we should not be diminishing the play of women (or girls), be it intentional or unintentional -- and I say that as a father of three girls as well as a coach and founder of these forums.

    As one who does refer to NCAA and WNBA basketball as women's basketball, I will say though that at times it is hard for us guys to know the "right" words. I remember years ago referring to a friend as our group's "wonder woman," and she corrected me, saying, "girl." It was clear that she thought "woman" inferred she was older and didn't want that label.

    It gets even more confusing for us when we hear NCAA women's coaches and players refer to players as girls.

    For example, Huntingdon head coach Phillips recently said, "Our girls came out ready to play today."

    And Arizona (NCAA) player Davellyn Whyte recently said, "[Playing in the WNBA] has always been a goal of mine so now I’m doing my best to showcase my skills while most of the girls are still playing [in the tournament]."

    At any rate, from what I know of Coach Mike, I don't think his slights were intentional. He was, after all, imploring us to check out the great basketball being played by women's teams, but yes, you are 100% correct in how it should be done and we will raise our game to that standard. Right, guys?

    Thanks again.
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