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    When I was a young player, my coaches called running lines "suicides;" your coaches probably called it that as well.

    I would like to ask you to please consider never calling that drill "suicides" again.

    In 2005 the governor of Alaska appointed me to the state Suicide Prevention Board, and the board elected me its chairman. Obviously our mission was to educate and prevent suicides, but unfortunately I have personal experience with this matter as well, and one of the people I knew who committed suicide was a former teammate.

    Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people, however many of the young people who attempt suicide don't die from it, so suicide is actually a bigger problem than that statistic suggests.

    And according to the CDC, the odds of attempting suicide go up if a young person has been exposed to it.

    That Coca Cola billboard in center field isn't there to tell you about their product, it is there to keep Coke fresh in your mind so that when you are thirsty, you are more likely to reach for a Coke.

    Similarly, if we coaches frequently use the term "suicides," to describe something difficult that we want our young players to do, we are also keeping that word fresh in their minds for that moment when they might be "thirsty" for a way out of a difficult situation.

    Coaches, it is such a little thing for us to use a different word, why wouldn't we do it?

    As I wrote in 2011, "the term 'suicide drill' is truly vile, and far beneath the dignity of our sport. We coaches should not be passing on such a horrendous phrase to young players."

    Thanks for listening.
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  2. Hoop Active Member


    We do "Yo-Yo's".
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  3. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Amen, I hate the term.

    Besides that, we don't run them anymore. True, they might be a great conditioning tool and players have to stop and turn frequently, something that is happening a lot in the game. However, bad stopping and turning puts so much strain on the body that it can lead to ruptured ACLs and so on.

    With that in mind I stopped doing this drill long ago. I also keep in mind what they learn by doing that, and there are basically other drills with the same intensity from which players can learn so much more.
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  4. Coach_Alex New Member

    In German we call it: "Linienpendel" ... translating to ... you guessed right: line pendulum ... no harm done, and we refrain from using them as a punishment, running is game related anything game related is fun and no punishment, punishments are push-ups, kangaroos, etc. ...
  5. CoachChirch New Member

    We prefer ladders...less quick cuts and I believe is most effective in terms of both sprints/endurance running.
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  6. Coach Miller New Member

    I stopped using that term years ago. I have called them "Jingle Jangles" for years. I also do not run them much anymore, only as a last result for inappropriate behavior. Thanks...... www.sidelinebreak.com

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