Summer Camp with Read and Read?

Discussion in 'About Offense' started by James LaMacchia, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    Was wondering if there are any coaches out there that have run their summer camps (for their program) that teach the Read and React Exclusively? If not why not try to form a template together as a community?

    For example: Say you go grades 4th-6th and grades 7th-9th and you had a station where you go 5-0 pass and cut for 2 minutes. And another station would be dribble At (s) for 2 minutes, etc….

    On top of adding in the typical fundamentals and games and shooting contests?

    Let see how creative we can be?
  2. coachgrd Member

    If I were the head of a program, I'd be in James. Have tried to get the head coach to at least give it a look, but has no interest. Oh well, it's not my program.
  3. plavitch Active Member

    Brad Shutter has his plan on his wiki. (Microsoft Word format)
  4. Better basketball is going to be doing something for this in the future.
  5. rsteele New Member

    Any more info on when better basketball is going to do something with a summer camp?
  6. They are doing something in upstate New York, whether or not they put it on video not have no idea.
  7. rsteele New Member

    Are you going? Are you from up state New York?

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