Teaching Youth R&R layers 1-6 in 90mins

Discussion in 'About Offense' started by ringy, May 14, 2013.

  1. ringy New Member

    Hi all

    In the introduction for the new Zone Offense Rick refers to a video about teaching youth players Layers 1-6 in 90mins. Is this on a particular DVD or the tribe site?
    Maybe it's on the new version of R&R as I only have the original. When checking the VOD for R&R I don't see any mention in the topic breakdowns.
    Can someone please steer me in the right direction.

  2. CoachN New Member

    released VOD today. now available. $25
  3. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Have anyone seen this? I wonder if the transition to older teams (e.g. U18 - U22) is easy to make.
  4. mvcbruce Active Member

    Just watched the 90-minute practice for Youth.
    Of course, Rick does a great job of teaching R&R Layers 1-6 + 17 to a group of 12 year old kids.
    Pretty typical group of 12 year olds . . . with corrections being made . . . some mistakes made . . .etc.
    Rick's personality really shows thru with patience while teaching these kids.
    There is nothing NEW, however, if you're a Youth Coach, this is a great teaching tool.
    High School & above would find this rather simplistic . . . however, if you're a HS Coach and have summer camps where you're teaching 5th thru 7th grade, this will give you a great perspective.
    So, for $25 . . . it may just be worth the price!
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  5. ringy New Member

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the replies.

    I assumed by the way it was worded that it was video that was already out there. Well now I know it is a new VOD.

  6. Coach See New Member

    I copied the style of the video to my group of summer ball 6th graders and it looked "shockingly" just like the video! I was amazed at the similarity - even the timing and style of mistakes! Worked really well.
  7. Big Daddy Member

    Are you coaches teaching layer 6? I coached middle school 7th and 8th graders, and skipped this layer. I felt the benefit was less than the potential cost of freezing players when someone attacked the basket. Too much thinking IMO.
  8. ST1 Member

    Anybody got a direct link?
  9. Coach Dennis Moderator

  10. Coach See New Member

    I really thought this was a great visual for how to put in the offense to build a summer team or to introduce it to a new team at the start of a year. Nothing new that jumped out at me, but certainly valuable.
  11. Coach See New Member

    I skip this layer. Too much thinking required for my younger players (and that is all I coach)!
  12. coach215 Member

    I'm a new volunteer coach handling an inexperienced young team. It took me an hour and a half to teach layers 1-3 to kids 8-12 years old. I was able to teach Layers 1-6 to kids older than 12 at the same time frame.

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