The board is dead?

Discussion in 'Announcements and FAQs' started by James LaMacchia, May 12, 2015.

  1. Where is everybody? The board has been dead for sometime now!
  2. mvcbruce Active Member

    I'm still hoping there's a breadth of life left.
    Love this site!
    Where are people turning? What site are coaches communicating on?
  3. I have no idea, just not many people posting right now.
  4. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I haven't spoken to Tom in ages, he is the administrator of this board. I check periodically for new messages, but without his driving force there is not much I can do.
  5. Hey Coach,

    I am sure it will pick up once the winter season rolls around.
  6. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Summer is my off-season, and in turn a better time for me to discuss new ideas and concepts. However, I am going to make a conscious effort to check back in here at least weekly; until school ends and then hopefully more regularly.
  7. Tom7 Administrator

    Sorry, guys. It's a long story, but I'm back now and trying to assess if there is interest here still. If so, then I'll try to revive it and help it flourish.
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  8. mvcbruce Active Member

    Still love this site.
    Would love to see it flourish again.
    It's still a great place to talk Read & React.
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  9. Woody New Member

    I have been lurking behind the scenes for a while and finally got approval to post (thanks Tom!) so I hope that this site is not dead! I have seen several posts that I have been excited to add to, and I am hoping to gain some insight from all the minds here. All that to say, please stay active!
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  10. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Yeah, I am still interested in helping you out.
  11. ST1 Member

    Still here, When Pre season starts i tune in. Thing with read and react it takes so long to implement.. but when it does its like poetry in motion.

    Did anybody ever checkout the Read & React Masters Clinic? (anybody have for info)
  12. Woody New Member

    Didn't know that there was a masters clinic.
  13. Tom7 Administrator

    I'm sorry I've been so neglectful, guys.

    When I started basketballogy, I had retired and was pouring my time into my passions.

    Then I had a friend who got in real trouble with his business and asked me to come help. I thought it would take a year, but it's been six, and I'm stepping away from him...

    Because I have had a new business idea which I think is too good not to do.

    Add to the mix some health problems I had and the net result is that Basketballogy has been neglected.

    I can perhaps give moderator powers to more people so the community can keep it going better, would that be okay?

    I'm hoping that when the new business gets going in 2017, I can get enough time again to give this project better attention.
  14. F0604955 New Member

    I rarely post but I frequently read.
  15. ST1 Member

    I think we should get a 2017 Roll call going..

    Its more important we know who are the contributors as appose to the people who register and just read.
    I have maybe 2 -3 "Friends" i have met through this forum and i am in contact with them on a weekly basis.
  16. mvcbruce Active Member

    mvcbruce....I'm in for 2017, though I will not be posting any attachments re R&R.
    However, will comment. Lots of insightful coaches on this site & don't want to see it die.
    Happy New Year!
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  17. coach215 Member

    I miss your insights mvcbruce!
  18. Danj20 New Member

    Would love to have you all at our basketball coaching forum:

    Lots of plays, drills and practice plans there too - all free.

    Coach Calls Timeout

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