The "Ten lies of shooting"

Discussion in 'Player Development' started by James LaMacchia, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. Below i have pasted the "10 Lies of shooting" which a bunch of videos that is showing what this individual feels are some things that just are not true, thought it would be a good topic to post to debate among coaches.
    For the record i am not buying into all of these, but some of them make sense to me, lets here what you think?

    The 10 lies of shooting





  2. firststep Member

    Thx James for pasting shooting lies. I have picked up golf these last few seasons and come to realize a shot is a shot and to focus on form, rhythm, and balance maintains concentration on a high level without getting attached emotionally to the outcome.
    I pretty much agree with all he believes to be true. I really like the dip, its like a forward press to start your golf shot.It relieves tention and gets your stroke, going to the basket.
  3. CoachDAP Member

    Worked with a player this morning. Once she squared her shooting shoulder and hip to the rim, she was a lot more consistent. It's just a small thing, but it helped her a lot
  4. firststep Member

    Yes, and i am finding out the follow through really ties the shot together!
  5. Woody New Member

    Huge fan of Pro Shot. Coach Hoover just sent a great email today about the importance of verbiage when explaining things to players, but I think it will be very helpful when explaining things to other coaches, specifically the turn. A lot of people really bristle at the concept of teaching turned feet, so if it is explained instead as aligning the shoulder/elbow/hip (shot line) to the hoop (without mentioning that this will cause a natural foot turn) there is FAR less resistance. Interesting ideas to be sure

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