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    Brian Scalebrini, a.k.a. "the White Mamba," spent 11 seasons in the NBA (Nets, Celtics, Bulls). The 6'9" forward/center averaged 3.1 points per game in an average of 13 minutes per game of playing time. His career salary? $20,126,688. Among his claims to fame is the fact that he never played even 1 minute of the 2008 NBA Finals, when his team, the Celtics won an NBA championship.

    Anyway, I guess he got tired of fans ragging on him on radio shows and blogs, saying he has no real basketball skills and is an average Joe, so he accepted an invitation to play 1 on 1 against 4 guys a Boston radio station hand picked.

    Scalabrini killed all 4.

    I was surprised how hard it was for Brian to score at times, then again that was his NBA career, but I was also surprised how quick he was for his size, another reminder of how amazing of athletes even the lowest of the NBA players really are.

  2. Tivo32 New Member

    Scalabrine is really the epitome of what I love about the NBA. Him and Nick Collison have been two of my favorite players to follow and read about because they really have worked incredibly hard for every dime they've earned in the NBA. I listen to Toucher and Rich (the 98.5 morning guys who put this together) every morning on my way to work and I loved the idea when I first heard it. Scal is now seeing a lot of air time locally and is even color commentating the Celtics' games at times. His basketball IQ is through the roof and it's fun as a young coach to listen to him breakdown various plays and players' performances.

    What amazed me the most about watching this was the repertoire of moves that Scal could go to at any given moment. They didn't necessarily fall all of the time, but the fact that he had a bunch of moves to attack a guy at different moments astounded me.
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    Yes, I noticed a surprising range in his moves as well. Many shots didn't drop, but that he could create them like he did was a revelation.

    I saw his interview after the 2008 Finals, and I thought the press guy questioning him was a donkey, inferring that Brian didn't deserve a championship ring. How do guys like that get and keep jobs like that? Brian may not have played, but was there any doubt that he was fit and ready if called upon?

    Different opponents need different responses and Brian helped get the Celtics to the Finals, which means he deserves the ring.
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    I'm not sure how many people know this, but it speaks HIGHLY of Brian Scalabrine that as soon as Tom Thibodeu (Doc's assistant with the Celtics) was hired by the Bulls, he immediately went to work get Scal. Scal was like another assistant coach for the Celtics during their championship run and after and he was definitely an assistant coach / player for the Bulls and Thibodeu. It'll be interesting to see if Scalabrine sticks with the commentating and tv stuff (which he is very good at) or if he makes his way into coaching.
  5. Tom7 Administrator

    Great point.

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