This year marks a new era in USA high school basketball

Discussion in 'About Anything' started by Tom7, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Tom7 Administrator

    I was looking over the USFS rule changes for this coming season and was startled to see the first one:

    1-19 New: The use of electronic devices is permitted during the game.

  2. Tom7 Administrator

    The game will never be the same. Advanced analytics in-game, real time will be reviewed, and an arms war of software superiority will now be a big part of the game.

    I guess that is great news for people like me who are entrepreneurs and software developers as well as coaches, but for now I am just imagining how this will change the game -- especially since devices can record video.

    Last season we could be handed a boxscore sheet and see that in the first quarter our opponent shot 45%. Next season we could be seeing each player's shot chart and how their shots were created (off the dribble, off a cut, off a pick and roll, etc.).

    Imagine calling a time out and querying: "Offensive Rebounds" on your iPad as the players come to the bench. Then, you turn your iPad toward the players and not just show them the rebounding stats, but a video package showing each offensive rebound in the game so far so that you can show them what they are doing wrong.

    Imagine calling a time out with 6 seconds to go in the game and instead of grabbing your beat up whiteboard and your half dried out marker, showing the team an animated play broken down step by step from your Windows tablet.

    Imagine showing your team at halftime a video package of every basket your opponent has scored and then showing them footage from practice of how they should be defending RED guards on a pick and roll.

    Imagine coaching staff complaining about how the official stats are being kept because they are keeping more data than the scorer's table.

    This is a new era in youth sports, and it has arrived with deceptive quietness.
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  3. coachmike Moderator

    My stat person has used my iPad past 2 seasons for stats for me. Used them in reference all the time. I even used iPad as a whiteboard to draw a play up a couple times. No one ever said a word to me.

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