Three Things Smart Coaches Never Say

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    Here are three things smart basketball coaches and fans never say:

    -- #1. "Let them play."

    When fans say, "Let them play," what they are really saying, "Let them CHEAT, because I get bored when the action stops to punish those breaking rules to get an advantage."

    Moreover, saying "let them play" is actually hypocritical, because we all know fans want the fouls committed against their team called, otherwise the refs "suck" and are "totally biased".

    If you want to complain, complain about whether the rules should be rules, not that the rules are enforced.

    After all, basketball is actually far less entertaining when both teams are not equally accountable to the rules. Fans get angry at the injustice, and stop watching games.

    -- #2. "Don't leave your feet."

    Uh, your feet are still attached, you haven't left them anywhere. What you want to say is, "Don't leave the FLOOR."

    -- #3. "Referees should not make calls that decide the outcome of a game."

    Officials do not make calls that decide the outcomes of games; players commit fouls and violations that force the officials to do what they've been doing all game long: their jobs.

    In fact, the only way a referee can "decide the outcome of a game" is if he or she doesn't hold both teams to the same standard, and doesn't do it consistently all game.

    If officials were to stop doing their jobs in the closing seconds of a game, and allow players to act outside the rules to get an illegal advantage, THAT is how an official unfairly and unwisely decides the outcome of the game.
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