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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by CoachMcLellan, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    I am a self-diagnosed basketball junkie. I will talk, read, coach, and or play basketball 24/7 if given the opportunity. One of my favorite things to do is hear and see how other coaches, especially good coaches do things. I'm the guy who doesn't mind shelling out the 40.00 for a coaching clinic or instructional dvd.

    I literally have hudreds of DVDs, including most of the Read and React dvds, as well as countless purchases from Championship Productions.

    I recently went on a spending spree and made my second purchase of in as many weeks. First ordering the Attack and React [arrives tomorrow] and yesterday puchased the All Access Practice with Syracuse.

    All that being said, I'm curious if others on the forum are as addicted to basketball clinics and dvds as I am, and if so what are some of the most useful dvds you have purchased and why. And lets not limit the discussion to RR.
  2. Tom7 Administrator

    Coach McLellan, I should be buying DVDs like you... I guess I am more home schooled. The Better Basketball DVDs were actually the first basketball DVDs I've ever owned, and they were gifts from my wife.

    Mostly I cannot walk past a gym or flip channels on the television without feeling impelled to stop and watch basketball. I have to do it, and I have to do it from a very cerebral, analytical point of view. If I so much as smell basketball leather or hear the screech of a shoe on a floor my kids go, "Uh oh."

    Trying to sneak basketball by me is like trying to sneak daylight past a rooster.

    I think it is the jazz musician in me that does this. I'm this way with live music as well, and I'm always trying to learn from what I see and hear.

    But I'm starting to realize I should have been into DVDs all along, so I am VERY grateful you started this thread.
  3. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Some of my favorite drills come from Ganon Baker, Kevin Sutton, Mike Jones, Mike Rice, Kevin Eastman. And now I am very much looking forward to watching Jim Boeheim's All Access Practice.
  4. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I like the DVD's very much, but living in Europe has one major drawback. Things tend to get lost, especially sending stuff from the US to the Netherlands. Somewhere along the way a couple R&R and DD DVD's were lost last year and this year I have no clue where my Alan Stein DVD is at the moment.

    The companies involved have provided me with satisfactory solutions, but I hate waiting nearly two months after purchase to actually get the DVD's.
  5. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    I am fairly fortunate in that delivery from Championship Productions to my residence in Canada takes 7 business days. Which allows me to see a product that I think might help or lend some immediate benefit to my program and have it within my hands in 7 days and into practice on the 8th day.

    The down side to the easy access to coaching dvds, is that sometimes I get carried away and make some impulse purchases. I have attached a copy of an excel sheet that highlights 90% of my coaching library. If anyone is considering purchasing any of the DVDs on the file let me know and I can give you an honest take on the value of the dvd.
  6. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Skill Development Coach

    Better Basketball: One on One Defense Rick Torbett
    Better Basketball: One on One Offense Rick Torbett
    Better Basketball: Passing Rick Torbett
    Better Basketball: Shooting Rick Torbett
    Drills for Perimeter Players Mike Krzyzewski
    Drills for Point Guards Mike Krzyzewski
    Competitive Rebounding Drills Skip Prosser
    Skills & Drills: Beginners Basketball
    Skills & Drills: Advanced Basketball
    Individual and Team Drills for Transition Offense Steve Collins
    Building Defense Through Your Stance Seth Greenberg
    The Art of Dribbling Ganon Baker
    1 on 1 Breakdown Drills to Improve Your Offense Mike Rice
    Ultimate Guard Development Drills Steve Alford
    Becoming a Champion Basketball Player: The Scorer Tony Bergeron
    Skill Development for Inside and Perimeter Players Kevin Eastman
    Encyclopedia of Moves Ganon Baker
    Offensive Improvement: Dribble Moves Luther Riley
    15 Jab Step Options Luther Riley
    Perfecting the Art of Ball Handling Ganon Baker
    Superman Workout for all Players Ganon Baker
    Grassroots Basketball: Finishing School Ganon Baker
    Ball Skills for Creating Space Ganon Baker
    Ball Skills for Post Players Ganon Baker
    MVP Training: Basic Point Guard Skills & Drills John Calipari
    MVP Training: Advanced Point Guard Skills & Drills John Calipari
    Chair Drills: Shooting Workout for Inside Players Kevin Eastman
    Point Guard Drills for the Dribble Drive Offense John Calipari
    Drills for Breaking Half and Full Court Presses Bruce Webber
    Shooting Workouts Rick Torbett
    Drills for Fast-Paced Transition Offense and Defense Danny Sancomb
    Progressions for Developing Your Shot Sherri Cole
    Individual and Team Drills for Transition Offense Steve Collins
    Skills and Drills for a Quick, Accurate Shot Jim Clayton
    Fundamental Drills that Build Champions Keith Dambrot
    Developing the Complete High School Player Frank Allocco
    Warm Up Drills for Practice Mike Rice
    High Energy Drills for Building Competitive Practices Andrew Toole
    High Intensity 3-Ball Transition Workout Kevin Sutton
    Handling Defensive Pressure Will Rey
    AAU Coaching Boys: Shooting Mechanics and Drills Fran Fraschilla
  7. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Offense Coach
    Attack and React Offense Andrew Grantz
    Simplified Zone Offense Geno Auriemma
    Zone Offense; Pressure Man Drills Jim Calhoun
    Mastering the Five Man Motion Offense Bruce Weber
    Five Star Basketball: The Princeton Offense: Back Door to Success Kevin Pigott
    Winning With the Princeton Style Offense Lee DeForest
    Princeton Back Door Offense [2 Discs] Pete Carrill
    Attacking the Zone Mike Krzyzewski
    Secrets of the North Carolina Secondary Break Roy Williams
    Pick & Roll [2 Discs] Jeff Van Gundy
    Building a Winning Program Eric Musselman
    Triangle Offense for High School Basketball Courtney Brooks
    8 Breakdown Drills for the Triangle Offense Courtney Brooks
    Creating Mismatches: Pick & Roll and Screening Dave Smart
    Princeton Offense Half Court Drills Joe Scott
    Advanced Dribble Drive Offense: Zone and Transition [3 discs] Vance Walberg
    100 Drills & Sets for Implementing the Dribble Drive Offense Vance Walberg
    Mastering the Dribble Drive Attack Offense Vance Walberg
    The Definitive Dribble Drive Motion Offense John Calipari
    Developing the Dribble Drive Skill Set John Calipari
    The Dribble Drive Zone Offense Jerry Petitgoue
    Dribble Drive Offense for High School Basketball Jerry Petitgoue
    Breaking Presses with a 1-3-1 Alignment Tom Izzo
    Read and React Practice Planning DVD Set Rick Torbett
    Read and React Variations Rick Torbett
    Read and React Zone Attack Rick Torbett
    The Dematha Fast Break Mike Jones
  8. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Defense Coach

    Drills for Defense Mike Krzyzewski
    2-2-1 Press Jim Calhoun
    1-1-3 and 1-3-1 Zone Defenses Lute Olson
    Aggressive Trapping Defensive Systems Bob Huggins
    Basketball X's & O's: Man to Man Offense and Defense Morgan Wootten
    Bob Knight Man to Man Defense [2 Discs] Bob Knight
    1-2-2 Containment Press Defense Bobby Gonzalez
    The Michigan 1-3-1 Zone Defense and Drills Dennis Felton
    Mastering the Princeton 1-3-1 Match Up Zone Craig Robinson
    Diamond Full Court Press Derek Kellog
    Pressing Options Out of a 1-2-1-1 Cliff Ellis
  9. Tom7 Administrator


    So ... many ... DVDs ... so ... many ... feeling ... faint ...

  10. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Looks like you're a library Coach McLellan! Where can we register?
  11. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Coach Dennis,

    Since I purchased my FastDraw subscription I have been trying to go through my collection and diagram with explanation the top drills and ideas from each of the DVDs. Because as you know you see something and you like it, and you use it as a drill but it's not one of your daily drills and somewhere in the years it gets lost. So I'm trying to categorize all my dvds and put the drills into groups on fastdraw for rebounding, dribbling, shooting, etc, etc

    So when that is done, or if one dvd is of particular interest to you let me know I may have some or all of it drawn in a pdf.
  12. Hoop Active Member

    Basketball Net-Flix

    I did run into a Guy who really wanted to do this...a subscription service for coaching DVD's. I thought it was a brilliant idea.
  13. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    I think you'd find it to be a very small demographic, and to pay for licensing to 'rent' or 'stream' the property of others might make it impossible, but in a dreamers world - I would love to see something like this. As often it's only a small peice of advice or drill that you truly take away from and implement. So renting as opposed to buying would be much more cost effective.
  14. Coach Dennis Moderator

    But there are also other ways of distribution, take for instance the Packline DVD by Jim Boone, you can download that one so you will have instant access to the files.

    I couldn't care less if it is digital or a true dvd. I don't have any dvd players anymore cause I watch all the stuff on my computer. However, I wished the files mentioned above were a little higher quality than 480p....
  15. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    I know championship production had tried, and may still be trying to offer several of their products as a download. I believe it was the Coach K all access pass that they offered as an immediate download.
  16. Big Daddy Member

    I own all the Better Basketball R&R DVD’s and player development DVD’s. Every single one. In addition, I own approx. 45 DVD’s from other sources.
    My fav non Better Basketball DVD’s include:
    Pack Line-Dick Bennnett
    Pack Line- Sean Miller
    John Kresse- 2-2-1 press (yes I like this better than Jim Calhoun’s which I own also)
    Tom Izzo- Numbered Fast Break
    Youth Basketball DVD‘s (elementary school) Beginning Basketball and Complete Youth Offense – Hoops King/Randy Erickson- If you don't want to run the R&R.
  17. CoachClow Member

    Starting to build a decent DVD library here.
    Outside of better basketball stuff, I have 3 here that I have found great as a resource:
    Smothering Pressure Defense - Bob Huggins
    Drills for Post Players - Coach K (Duke Basketball series)
    Athletic Power Yoga - Baron Baptiste

    I make good use still of the RRO basic discs. I always something additional when I review them. Emmanuel College dvd was a great resource and continues to stimulate my creativity and Quick Hitters has gotten my attention recently.
  18. Tom7 Administrator

    Emmanuel College DVD? I didn't know there was one. Interesting, I'll have to go look.
  19. CoachMcLellan Active Member


    I found the Emmanuel College DVD was a good purchase until the Clinics DVD series was published. The Clinics DVD covers just about everything in the Emmanuel DVD; enough so that I personally wouldn't spend the extra to own both. Yet, for some reason I do.
  20. Tom7 Administrator

    Laughing! Thanks.

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