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  2. plavitch Active Member

    Looks clean to me. Nothing wrong with your pivot foot leaving the floor (see jump shots). It just can't come down again.
  3. CoachDAP Member

    That's nothing more than a little Euro step 35 feet from the basket. Pretty fancy footwork if you ask me. And 100% legal.
  4. Coach Dennis Moderator

    The fact we probably look at this being traveling is the fact it is performed well beyond the three-point line. After only watching the footwork and not the location I agree with plavitch and CoachDAP as it is a legal move.

    It is just like a lay-up, instead of two steps forward this is a two step left-right, similar to the eurostep. This means the ball has to leave the hand of the shooter before he lands (on either foot) after this. Since he jumped forward with a big jump he had some time to get the shot away.
  5. CoachClow Member

    Perfectly Legal and Perfectly Clutch!

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