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Discussion in 'About Anything' started by Tom7, Oct 27, 2015.

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    I'm thinking about playing in a men's league this season. It's been awhile since I've felt healthy enough to even think about playing, and if I am able to play this season I want to because I don't know how many seasons these knees (and back, and shoulder, etc.) have left.

    I'll be joining a great group of guys and there will probably be 10 of us each game. The interesting thing about this group is that about half of us are older, and half are young guys.

    I have two radical substitution ideas that I'm thinking about asking the guys to experiment with.

    Idea #1: Pace and Space Squads

    The first idea is to divide the 10 of us into two squads, each with a different identity. Note that I'm not really thinking in terms of natural position with this idea, although each squad will have a natural point guard and a "big" to rebound and rim protect.

    The first group, the "pace" squad, will be the 5 young guys who love to run and force the pace.

    The second group, the "space" squad, will be the 5 older players who are more inclined to play half court offense and patiently move the ball to hunt for a shot.

    Rather than sub in and out a few players at a time, I'm thinking to swap out all 5.

    I'd like to start the game with the "space" squad. My hope is we (because I'm now a half court player) would move the defense plenty hunting for good shots and get them a bit winded...

    Then midway through the 1st quarter the "pace" group would come on and run the ball down their throats.

    We would basically repeat this pattern for all 4 quarters finishing with young, still fresh legs against a (hopefully) worn out opponent.

    Idea #2: Buddy Up

    The second idea is to have everyone pair up with a player of about their same size and ability, and have each pairing decide between them their own minutes and substitution pattern.

    The idea is to (hopefully) force pace and use our depth to wear down opponents. We'd also have the advantage of using our fouls well as well.

    My thinking here is that at critical times, each pairing will make sure they have the right person in the game, and it will be THEIR choice, and not mine who is being the "bad guy" and keeping someone on the bench in those moments.

    Good ideas? Bad ideas?
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    LOL I know where your at! Both good ideas, Third option is split your Space and pace team and pressure the ball with pace so space can get back.
    Good to hear from you!
  3. Tom7 Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback -- and the welcome back. I'll try all three and see what I can learn. Thanks.

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