Video article: Full Stop Defense (Part 1)

Discussion in 'About Defense' started by Tom7, Jul 28, 2013.

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  2. ringy New Member

    Great stuff Coach! Really love your presentations.

    Maybe we could get yourself and Coach Walters to Team up and do a Swarm presentation ;)
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  3. Tom7 Administrator

    Laughing! Thanks.

    I'm so glad I included that survey with the video; it is telling me a lot of useful stuff.
  4. dalgun New Member

    painting a player is an interesting concept.

    However, you'll need to address the fact that a player's color can change, based on where he is on the floor. For example, a stud post would be red 5 feet from the basket, but could become green outside the 3pt line. Or a three point shooter could be red from the top of the key, but green from the corner.

    But it definitely provides a framework to determining your defense. It would be part of your scouting report.
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  5. coachgrd Member

    You remind me of Bob make everything sound so simple. I like that. Always the mark of an excellent teacher. Nice job Tom.
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  6. Tom7 Administrator

    Agreed. As you know, I did mention very briefly in the video that a player may be red inside and not out, but there is much more to it as you pointed out. But hey, I have to leave something for the sequel! :p

    Oh, I guess I could mention that I hinted at the sequel in the survey questions... the pick and roll scenario. Knowing who is red and who is green at that spot and in that circumstance lets our players know if they need to hedge, go over the screen, slip under the screen, etc. As I said in the video, painting informs our decisions so that we defend players instead of offenses.
  7. Tom7 Administrator

    THANK you! That made my day!

    Actually, I probably shouldn't allow you to give me credit like that though... the truth is I only understand the simple stuff. The rest of it is why we have Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy. ;)

  8. Tom7 Administrator

    By the way, that's me playing bass for the music intro as well. Can't let Wayman Tisdale have all the fun.

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