What is the best pack line DVD available?

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Coach See, May 18, 2013.

  1. Coach See New Member

    Buying a pack line dvd this week... so...

    Sean Miller?
    Dick Bennett?


    who do I get?
  2. ST1 Member

    Get them all.......
  3. Coach See New Member

    Not that rich!!!
  4. ST1 Member

    The Dick Bennett is considered the BIBLE for pack, His style force's middle appose to forcing out of the "highway".

    Watch this video; i will call it "The Power of the pack"

    View: http://youtu.be/-lspak6Jk_0

    after watching this i see no reason why everyone would NOT want to play pack...
  5. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I would like to play pack defense next year. However, I do find the additional fees for importing a DVD that costs around $40 a little steep. It is an additional $40 which is ridiculous. I envy the coaches from the States. ;)
  6. Big Daddy Member

    In order:
    1. Dick Bennett
    2. Sean Miller
    3. Brad Soderberg
    Bennett DVD is mandatory.
    Also, avoid using the term ”force middle” to your players. You are absolutely denying baseline drives, but challenging any and all direct line drives to the basket. You want to steer any drive east or west that comes across the lane as much as possible until gap help can kick in. Bennett refers to this as "leveling off" the ball handler. If you tell your players to force middle, they will position their bodies to give up a direct line drive into the lane, which breaks down any and all defensive systems.
  7. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Hey let's not forget about Chris Mack, he does a good job with the Packline.
  8. Big Daddy Member

    Good job yes, but which one of the above would you put Chris Mack ahead of?
  9. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Well it's a tough compare. I have the Dick Bennett dvd which does a fine job of laying out the principles and providing drills; but I also have the Chris Mack Xavier All Access Pass, which spends a lot of time looking at developing the Packline and drills for players. So it's a tough comparison. Comparing and All Access to an hour long dvd is tough.
  10. MRC New Member

    I found Brad Soderberg's DVD to be the best of the lot.
  11. Coach See New Member

    I went with Bennett to start - then my new assistant coach had Boone's DVD - so I have two in hand!... is there still enough new stuff on the other DVDs out there that I should be buying Soderberg's or Mack's too?
  12. Big Daddy Member

    I stand by my comments from above.

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