Why is it so hard for NBADL guys to get time?

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    Here is the one thing I don't understand: why don't seemingly talented, deserving guys get playing time? I know some players do come up from the NBADL and get significant time (for example Jeremy Lin). But take a guy like Kevin Jones from WVU. He is a 4 year guy, incredibly high basketball IQ, 6'8'' 260. He goes UNDRAFTED! Crazy I tell you. Gets signed by the Cavs to play with the Canton Charge. In his first 5 games he puts up 23.6 points and 12.6 rebs per game! He gets called up to the Cavs and in 5 games is only getting 6.8 minutes a night. On a team that is 5-22. Maybe I'm biased because I've been a huge fan of Kevin Jones since he was in college, I love the way he plays, but it seems like some of these coaches in the NBA would be better served to change up their lineup more often and get guys like Kevin Jones more PT. Maybe they'd win a few more games.
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    Great question, and I wonder if even Coach Byron Scott knows. I realize there is a tradition and a pecking order in the game, but at 5-22 you would think Coach Scott would be willing to try something and someone else.

    Think of all the money in professional sports, the expense they go to to evaluate "talent." Yet with all that poking, prodding, measuring and data collection and analysis 2nd highest player in the NBA is Brandon Roy, and the 4th highest paid player in the NBA is Gilbert Arenas. They make more than LeBron James, Kevin Durrant...

    In fact, in every field I can think of there are "experts" who think they know how to assess potential, and every system I've ever seen is laughably flawed. Even academia -- they have transcripts indicating past performance, IQ tests, ACT tests and SAT tests... and yet every college in the nation has kids flunk out every semester. Obviously the best brains of academia can't accurately pick the winners either.

    I've seen plenty of players in the NBADL that could and maybe should be in the NBA. I even saw Jeremy Lin in the D-League and he struggled to get minutes at that level. Somehow people get labels and that becomes all others can see -- to the point that players start to see themselves the same way.

    It would be interesting if every player in the NBA got the same salary during the season, but was then paid a bonus at season's end using a formula based on actual individual performance, team performance and fan appeal (since fans play everyone's bills).

    Another interesting idea: British soccer (football) teams have an interesting system. If I remember correctly, if a team in their equivalent of the NBA finishes last in the league twice in a row, the whole team is kicked down to their equivalent of their d-League, and the top d-League team gets to move up and be an NBA team (equivalent).
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    Its promotion / relegation

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