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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by CoachClow, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. CoachClow Member

    What are your favorite coaching books?

    I am currently reading Knight- My Story with Bobby Knight and I have been through plenty more over the years. Please share your favorites so I can add some new ones to my list of 'must reads'

    A few of mine:
    10 minute toughness - A quick mental toughness read with some easy to apply techniques for coaches and players

    Wooden on Leadership - Leadership from one of the greatest leaders

    Knight - My Story - I will probably read the first chapter of this book 5 -10 times this year.

    Talent is Never Enough - John Maxwell

    Blink - Malcom Gladwell
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  2. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    I just purchased Sacred Hoop Inspirational Stories of a Hardwood Warrior by Phil Jackson, start reading tomorrow.
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  3. Hoop Active Member

    I flew to Shanghai today and purchased Knight-My Story for the flights. Thank you for the recommendation.

    Bobby and I arrived safely ; )
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  4. Tom7 Administrator

    Hey Hoop, while you are there I can give you a list of GPS coordinates for the IP addresses of hundreds of "members" trying to spam us... if you have a moment would you stop in on them and tell them to cut it out? :rolleyes:

    NBA Coaches Playbook

    One of the books I would recommend to coaches is NBA Coaches Playbook. I got it in Kindle format because I like having it on my phone, iPad, etc. for whenever I want to refer to it again.

    Basically the book is divided into sections, and each section is populated with articles written by names you'll know: Phil Jackson, Stan Van Gundy, Avery Johnson, Mike Fratello ... you know, unemployed NBA coaches. ;)

    Actually, there are employed ones as well in there including George Karl and Mike D'Antoni, who discuss their fast break principles.
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  5. 1. Coaching Basketball Successfully (Morgan Wooten)

    2. How lucky can you be?

    3. Toughness (Jay Bilas) Just released today.

    4 . The Politics of Coaching.
  6. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    I just purchased a book that every coach and player should be made read before playing organized basketball "Stuff Good Players Should Know" by Dick Devenzio the originator of PGC.
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  7. funbballcoach New Member

    Hi Coaches,

    There are so many good books out there about everything sports.

    The book I am recommending is a little dated and is not focused on basketball. But it explores a number of team concepts/philosophies like a "Leaderful Team". Really good stuff and is linked to the development of a team from woe to go.

    Title: The Coach: Managing for Success
    Author: Ric Charlesworth
    ISBN: 0 7329 1106 0

    Happy reading coaches.


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  8. Coach i am half way through "Stuff Good players should know intelligent basketball from A to Z. It moves into my top 5 basketball books.
  9. plavitch Active Member

    Some books that changed/shaped my coaching philosophy and style are:
    • Cross Over (and other writings) by Brian McCormick
    • Positive Coaching and The Double-Goal Coach by Jim Thompson
    • Mindset by Carol Dweck

    Other books I like include:
    • You Haven’t Taught Until They Have Learned by Swen Nater
    • The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle
    • Practice Perfect by Doug Lemov et al
    • The Energy Bus and Training Camp by Jon Gordon
    • Coaching the Mental Game by H.A. Dorfman

    I am currently reading Soccer Tough by Dan Abrahams. This is another sports psychology book. I don’t know anything about soccer/football, but it has good application to any sport.

    Next on my list are Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath, and Better by Mistake by Alina Tugend.

    I first read Stuff by DeVenzio years ago. I have given copies away as presents. A story:

    Summer of 2003 we had an ongoing free throw contest during our workouts for upcoming eighth graders. Near the end of the summer it was clear that one of two girls was going to win. These two girls went on to be the valedictorian and salutatorian of their senior class, so they weren’t dummies. I decided I would give the winner a copy of Stuff. When the contest ended I presented the book. The comment from the winner was, "A book? I won a book?"

    The winner graduated from college last spring, got a job, and did some training locally. In December her company shipped her several states away. Before she left I gave her another book. Her comment? "I love books!" Maturity is a wonderful thing. :)
  10. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I second plavitch on Cross Over (and other writings) by Brian McCormick, for those of you interested in LTAD and going beyond the Peak on Friday mentality I highly recommend this book.
  11. Tom7 Administrator

    Mindset! How interesting. I just read that on kindle and bought the paperback copy after.
  12. plavitch Active Member

    That book made me very conscious of how I word my instructions and especially my feedback.
  13. CoachClow Member

    Half way through "Stuff..." by Devenzio, very well done, and queued up 'Mindset'.
    This thread is paying dividends:)
  14. plavitch Active Member

    Here's a Top 20 list Alan Stein posted on Twitter. The list was given to him by George Raveling.
  15. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I am currently waiting on a book about action-types. Unfortunately it is only in my native language and I cannot seem to find any related info in English. It details with learning styles among other stuff.
  16. Coach Dennis Moderator

    For all us coaches doing work in the offseason, here is a quote I really enjoyed:

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  17. Paul Member

    I'm half-way through The Politics of Coaching. It's very good.

    Does anyone have an opinion on Practical Modern Basketball by John Wooden?
  18. I do not, good book?
  19. Paul Member

    I haven't read it yet.

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